Pogba has not recovered from injury in the last match.

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Paul Pogba suffered an injury and was forced out of the last game just 23 minutes into the game. The French midfielder returned to the starting line-up for the first time since April 16, 2022. But last Sunday’s game against Juventus. Cremonese saw him withdrawn from the squad field in minutes 23 

Live footage of the game showed Pogba having a hamstring issue. That sent the player straight onto the pitch. The 30-year-old also burst into tears as he left the pitch, covering his face with his shirt.

It is the latest injury that has hit Pogba. With the player previously having to have knee surgery that has led him to consistently miss out on the field. Including the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.UFABET

However, Pogba only returned to the field at the beginning of last month. And the last game has the opportunity to enter the field as a real player. But has to face another injury Which after this has to wait to check the symptoms thoroughly.

Juventus boss Massimiliano Allegri ‘ disappointed’ after Paul Pogba’s injury and will not be able to help the zebra team for about a month ever According to the report on March 14, 2023

Pogba moved to Juventus on a free transfer last summer. But he suffered a serious injury in pre-season that required surgery and a long time out. Causing to miss the World Cup in Qatar and just returned to play again in March In the past, but had to disappear from the team again because of disciplinary problems