Online poker card vocabulary.

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Basic information to help you better understand the game and how to play poker online. Let’s get to know the terms and meanings in poker card games at the same time.

1. Action Card.

  Means that the 4th or 5th community card that has been opened makes 2 or more players in a circle believe that they have the best poker card then place more bets.

2. Ante.  

Means the pool bet that each player must place before the game starts. In which most Texas Hold’em poker is wagered with blinds rather than saddles.

3. Blind

 Means placing bets before dealing cards. Usually the player seated to the left of the dealer in online poker games is forced to place the blind.

4. Burn Card

 Refers to the top card after shuffling the cards. Burned cards are discarded face down and are not used in that round. To prevent cheating players from remembering the blame on the cards

5. Button.

  Means a symbol that indicates that the player is the dealer. Many people believe that it is the best and most advantageous poker position. Because it’s the last person to do the action.

6. Call.

Means placing a bet with the same amount as the previous player. In which if no other player bets on Call, the player who made the previous bet wins and gets the money in that by UFABET 

7. Check. 

Means that the player does not place any bets. If the previous player in front of you added (Raise), you will not be able to Check. You have to choose Call, Re-raise, Fold only.

8. Community Card.  

Refers to the cards dealt by the dealer and face up in the middle of the table. All players can use community cards to combine with the cards in their hand. to get the highest suit

9. Flop.

  Refers to the first 3 community cards exposed in Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker. The flop only takes place during the second betting round of the game.

10. Crouch (Fold).  

Means giving up or choosing not to fight. The player will lose money and lose the right to win. where the player chooses to fold because the hand of the hand is not good enough and not worth it

11. Hole Card.  

Refers to the cards that the dealer will deal to each player face down. as a personal card not open to others Use the set point with the community cards to get the best suit.

12. Preflop.  

Means the first round of betting. (which occurs before the flop) where each player is dealt 3 hold cards and decides how much money (blinds)

13. Raise.

Means placing a higher bet. also known as raising It may be used in situations where the player has a very good set of cards. Or you can bluff other players to mistake you for a high card.

14. River.  

Refers to the 5th community card, which is the last card. In the online poker community, players are often compared to losing with this card. Drowned at the end

15. Showdown.

 Refers to the showdown of 2 or more players to measure who has a better sequence of cards. In the absence of a call or raise, there will be no showdown.

16. Turn.  

Means the 3rd round of betting in which the dealer will deal and expose the 4th community card to the table. The poker player may also call it Fourth street or 4th street.