How to play baccarat. How is the score counted baccarat?

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How is the score counted baccarat is nothing complicated. It’s like this

  • playing cards with face cards These cards are J Jack , Q Mam , K King and 10 count as 0.
  • Ace A is counted as 1.
  • All other cards are counted according to their face value.

The way to counted Baccarat points is to take the sum of all the cards in the hand. and take the last number as a score only For example, we hold cards 7 and 9 will have points 6 (7+9=16). If we add the total and get the last 10 numbers is 0, so our points will be blind or 0 points. (Counting like Pok Eight Pok Kao of our house)

As you know, Nataral cards are cards that we have a point of 8 or 9, called Pok Eight, Pok Nine.


The method is to deal 2 cards first, with the cards face up to both sides.  If one side has a natural card, that side wins. If both sides have the same natural card The side with more points wins. But if both sides have equal natural cards That round will always be the by UFABET 

if both players and the dealer does not have a natural card then let the player call Baccarat cards first. When the player’s side is at a point 6 or 7, if the point is less than 6, then the player draws 1 more card and calculates a new point from the baccarat cards of those three cards.

When we choose to be on the player side

The rules for playing baccarat are as follows:

When the first 2 card points are summed up, the points are as follows: Let the players do this.

If it scores 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, draw 1 more card,
if it scores 6 or 7, stay,
and if it gets 8 or 9, stay (get a natural card)
, the dealer will stay when it gets. Total 6 or 7. If the dealer plays straight. The dealer must stay when the card totals 6 or 7.

When we choose to be on the banker side,
when the player’s first 2 cards have a total point Have the player do the following:
If it scores 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, draw 1 more card,
if it scores 6 or 7, stay,
and if it scores 8 or 9, stay (get a natural card).

If an additional card is call Please look at the rules here.
The side with the most points, which is closest to the number 9, will be the winner.

  • Those who bet on the player side will receive money 1 to 1, for example, bet 100 baht, get 100 baht.
  • Those who bet on the banker get money 1 to 1, but are deducted 5%, which is a commission or table fee, for example, bet 100 gets 95 baht, 5 baht is deducted.
  • The person who bets on the tie gets 1 pay 8.
  • bettor Players in pairs get paid 1 to 11
  • bettor The dealer gets a pair, pays 1 for 11

if a draw occurs All bets whether on the banker’s side or the player to withdraw capital No gain-lose in this round