Barcelona beat Espanyol 4-2.

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Barcelona beat Espanyol 4-2 in La Liga, handing Azulgrana the official title of the season. At the RCDE Stadium is a Catalunya derby on the La Liga stage between the Parrots and host Azulgrana.

After 11 minutes, Barca took the lead before 1-0, Alex Balde inserted to the left before rocking away almost to the end of the back line and allowing Robert Lewandowski to charge into the net.

The score moved to 2-0 in the 20th minute, this time it was Pedri who touched almost the end of the back line on the right and put it on the far post. Alex Balde hit the net.

At the end of the first half, the score was overwhelming 3-0, Rafinha fell to the right before cutting into Robert Lewandowski, free charge, sending the ball into the goal.

The score was 4-0 in the 53rd minute. Frankie de Young put a long ball deep into the penalty area on the right. Jules Gunde hit the first pole UFABET

Esañol chased 1-4 when the game arrived in the 73rd minute, Fernando Galero stabbed through his own territory for Javi Puado to drop the ball through Ter Stegen via VA. R confirms to the door.

At the last minute, the home team chased 2-4 from Joselu’s performance. 

At the end of the game, Barcelona beat Espanyol 4-2 at home to win 3 points and officially win the 2022/23 La Liga title.