“Cape gooseberry” fruit from hill tribes Anti-cancer

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Cape gooseberry” fruit from hill tribes Anti-cancer – coronary artery disease.

Berries have long been known for their health benefits, vitamins and nutrients. that helps nourish the body in many ways Plus the taste is also delicious and refreshing. Today, โปรโมชั่น ufabet will introduce you to the famous northern fruit. One that is becoming more and more popular among Thai people is Cape Gooseberry, or as some people call it. “Tong Teng Farang” sure enough. 

Characteristics of Cape Gooseberry

It is a round berry fruit. When ripe, it is yellow-orange. under the thin petals Light yellow covering each sphere

In addition to having a Thai name that In addition to “Tong Teng Farang”, there is also another name that has been established as “Golden Bell” as well.


Cape gooseberry is a product of promotion. and develop small fruits Our very own Royal Project Foundation. It is one of the plants that the project encourages the villagers to plant to replace the opium fields. so villagers Or the hill tribe people in the north began to plant a lot of cape gooseberries.

Cape gooseberry flavor

When it is ripe, it is yellow and orange. It tastes sweet and sour. Can be eaten alone, dipped in salt, or deviously eaten as a snack, such as eating with salad vegetables, making smoothies, making jams, syrups, drying, chocolate plating, honey plating, etc.

6 amazing benefits of “Cape Gooseberry” or “Tong Teng Farang”

  1. Cape gooseberries are rich in vitamin C. that help nourish bones and teeth, strengthen immunity Prevent colds, allergies
  2. Contains vitamin A to help maintain eyesight Helps to see both in bright and dark places.
  3. Reduces the risk of coronary artery disease.
  4. Helps reduce the risk of certain cancers such as lung cancer.
  5. full of antioxidants (Antioxidants) help nourish the skin to shine brightly.
  6. Helps to stop the growth of tumor cells.

Before this, we will find something to eat. Only in the North Now this delicious fruit is being resold in the central region. and in major provinces more in the country And, of course, at affordable prices. Definitely suitable for our home economy I hope everyone will have a chance to try. It’s delicious, good, and useful like this. It’s good to buy for someone we love too.