How to treat and care for the skin after being allergic to cosmetics.

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Allergy to cosmetics It is a skin reaction that shows an allergic reaction to chemicals in cosmetics. Until the skin becomes red, swollen, has a rash, itching, or other symptoms such as dermatitis, peeling skin, allergic contact rashes, skin sensitive to light, infection, hives , or other dangerous complications , etc., even if the cosmetics are natural or organic products. Organic It may cause allergic reactions. By people who are allergic to flower pollen or food allergies There is a high risk of allergic reactions to cosmetics.

Allergy to cosmetics It is a skin reaction showing signs of allergic reaction to various substances. Especially chemicals that are ingredients in cosmetics such as perfumes and alcohol until the skin becomes red, swollen, itchy rash or other symptoms such as dermatitis, peeling skin, allergic contact rashes, skin sensitive to light, and infection. Even if the cosmetics are natural or organic products It can cause allergic reactions as well.

The initial allergic reaction is different from hives or a general itchy rash. Can be observe as follows.

  • Swoll, red, itchy, burning skin is cause by the body’s immune system being sensitive to allergens. After coming into contact with the allergen, a rash will appear on the skin, with itching, swelling, and redness, which will increase over time. Lasts more than 12 hours and is most severe on the second day after exposure.
  • A rash appears in spots. It is often cause by ingredients such as perfumes or flavoring substances and preservatives, hair dyes, etc., causing an itchy sensation. There is a red rash after using it for a while.
  • The skin is peeling and flaky. It can be cause by fruit acids (AHA), BHA, acne medications, and facial scrubs or scrubs. Allergic reactions may have different levels depending on the strength of each individual’s skin condition. You may see symptoms of an allergic reaction immediately. to having an allergic reaction after using the product for a while.

Therefore, ยูฟ่าเบท recommend way a simple way to help prove which cosmetics cause cosmetic allergies is to: Test by applying the cosmetics suspected to be the cause on the forearm twice a day for 1 week. If within 1 week there is no reaction. There is little chance of allergic reaction to that product. But if an itchy rash occurs, stop using that type of cosmetics.

If you suspect that you are allergic to any type of cosmetics Stop using that type of cosmetics immediately. You use many types of cosmetics Stop using new products that have recently been use and symptoms appear. If you stop using it and your symptoms improve, it means that the new cosmetics are the cause of your allergic reaction. But if symptoms do not improve, stop using other products. suspected of being allergic to find the cause.

In addition, if there are severe allergic symptoms such as inflamed facial skin Stop using all types of cosmetics. Only when the symptoms of dermatitis have subsided. Try using one type of cosmetic at a time. And if the rash occurs again, try stopping the last used product. If the symptoms disappear, you may be allergic to that type of cosmetic.

Therefore, Choose products to suit your own skin type. Because products that are suitable for your skin type. Will have ingredients that help care for and restore the appropriate facial skin condition and does not cause irritation. And you should avoid products that contain substances that may easily irritate the skin. Such as alcohol, parabens, perfumes, and preservatives.